Playing with pictures week: Black and white

pitcher piano

This picture of the Pitcher and Piano was in colour to start with, but I think it’s more striking converted to black and white.

You can see the original on twitter here.

Jazz Cafe

September 24, 2011  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, Pubs, Bars and Hotels  |  14 Comments


When I was a student at Newcastle Uni, the owner of this place used to hand flyers out from a plastic bag outside the Students’ Union. I never went but often thought I should’ve, just to see what it was like.

Watch a documentary on the Jazz Cafe here, and this made me chuckle! (Try not to be offended that it’s a *whisper* Sunderland forum…!

I’ve been asking for geordie jokes on twitter – if you have any and you’re on twitter please use #geordiejokes! My fave so far is the first from @walbaz_tpx : ‘Geordie from Walker buys a used car in Gateshead. On the way home he breaks down in clouds of steam on Byker bridge so he calls the AA. The woman on the phone asks “are you over heating”? “nah pet” he says, “I’m still in Byker man”

Detail of Yates Wine Lodge building


Beautiful building, previously featured here twice before: one and two. Very similar shots, two years apart, and I kinda said the same thing both times :)

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The Forth Hotel

September 21, 2011  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, Pubs, Bars and Hotels  |  8 Comments


I’ve hardly ever been in the Forth Hotel but whenever I have (usually before going to see a band at the O2!) I’ve enjoyed it. Should make my way down to that end of town again soon – there are some great pubs round the station. Of course it’d have to be in the daytime and not include very much alcohol…..! :)