Playing with pictures week: the vampire rabbit

March 24, 2013  |  Buildings, Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Art  |  3 Comments

rabbit copy

I love the vampire rabbit but I hate the weird red-pink colour of the building and doorway. Sorted!

Playing with pictures week: Venus

March 18, 2013  |  Buildings, Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Art  |  1 Comment


This picture starts a week of something I don’t normally do: playing with the colours of my photographs.

In fact, it’s quite rare (although not unheard of) for me to do anything other than crop and resize my pictures. But every so often something inspires me to play with colour. The first picture I played with was this one of the Newcastle skyline. When I got it into the computer the only colour that stood out was the orangey-red dome, and so I looked up how to make the rest of the picture black and white but leave the colour in that.

I loved the effect, and the next picture I wanted to try the technique with was this one, and it wasn’t even when I got home onto the computer – as soon as I saw her I wanted to bleach the colour out of Northumberland Street and see how amazing her hair looked in comparison! A few days later I posted this one too and I believe that’s the extent of all the messing with colour that I’ve done.

But then I looked at today’s picture of the clock outside Goldsmiths Newcastle on Blackett Street, and I thought it wasn’t as striking as it should be, and so I decided to try this effect again. And then I took another couple of pictures and thought ‘you know, I could do something with the colours here’ again. And suddenly I had a theme week!

More pictures with played-with colour follow this week.

If you’re on twitter or facebook and you have any photos like this feel free to share them there!

Jesmond underpass

March 16, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Art  |  1 Comment


The reflection is almost like a mirror.

I would LOVE to repaint the inside of this underpass. It’s filthy and gloomy. Anyone fancy turning up the middle of one night and giving it a clean and a fresh coat of paint?! The mosaics are amazing but in all the dirt they just don’t really show up :(

Sorry about the late posting. I had this post set up to go but only saved it as a draft, didn’t actually post it. Ooops!


March 5, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Art  |  4 Comments


Thank you all for welcoming me back :) I was a little bit scared I would be met by a resounding chorus of indifference. It’s nice to know I was missed. I won’t disappear again if I can at all help it!

Onto today’s pic. We went up to Northumberlandia last October. It was a glorious autumnal day and we didn’t look up directions before we left, presuming it would be well signposted from all the major routes.

It wasn’t.

We drove round the roads around Cramlington for longer than I’d care to admit, trying to find where it was. In the end we ended up driving past it before finding the car park.

It was worth it though! We had a great time exploring and enjoying the view. I also really enjoyed the view into the open cast mine next door – it looked quite like an alien landscape! I can’t wait until J’s old enough to properly enjoy running around.

… my only real problem with the whole thing is that the poor lady’s brea5ts are rather high up above her chin. She looks rather misshapen!


November 5, 2011  |  Public Art  |  3 Comments

Although a similar shot to yesterday this is actually looking from the centre of the park to one of the edges. This piece of art is made from trees and was placed here in 2006. I couldn’t find too much info on these but the artist was  Sushiela Jamieson, and the two links will give you a little bit of background. I can tell you that they are made of green oak. Although I do like this art,  there is something I don’t quite get about a sculpture of dead trees in a park full of beautiful living trees?!  That might just be me though.


Quiz Day 6 – Space Invader and Green Twiddly Bit


This space invader, as correctly stated by Doug and Matt, is on the corner of Pink Lane with Westgate Road. I sincerely hope no one cheated by looking here :)

The space invaders have been featured here more than I’d realised; even Chris posted quite a few (… in actual fact I think he’s found more than me).







I am about 95% sure that I’ve also posted the one on Blackett Street but I cannot find it – your challenge for the day, should you choose to accept it….! (It’s actually the one that’s the profile pic for the facebook group someone mentioned yesterday.)


We haven’t had any green twiddly bits for a while! Where is this one?

Quiz Day 5: Newcastle Business School and Space Invader

October 7, 2011  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Art  |  10 Comments


The first one that’s not unanimous! So relieved – I thought I was making it all too easy for you.

Does this picture help? If not – how about this one?


It’s Newcastle Business School, built on the site of the old Warners cinema. Well done to Karen @mareymooney and Katie @katieptatie on twitter who both got it right (Karen also got the comment here).

Next question! There are a few of these space invaders around the city centre. Where is this one?


At first I cut out everything except for the plaque but I decided that was too mean :)

Two Picture Saturday – Man With Potential Selves #1

January 17, 2009  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Art  |  2 Comments

man with potential selves, newcastle, uk

This bronze statue entitled ‘Man with Potential Selves’ by Sean Henry is near Central Station.

There are three parts to this sculpture.
man with potential selves, newcastle, uk

The second one is worryingly easy to walk into.

Two more pictures of this sculpture tomorrow!