Theme Day: Pedestrians Crossing

pedestrians crossing

This is the first theme day I’ve participated in in… well… too long. June 2012 – ten months ago. How on earth did that happen?!

As soon as I saw the theme of ‘pedestrians crossing’ I thought of this crossing. It’s at the top of Northumberland Street, near both universities, and if you look at the picture you can see that those crossing are doing so ‘on the red man’ – when you’re not supposed to cross (although it’s not against the law like it is in some countries). At this crossing if you wait for the green man I think people think you are a little strange :)

You’ll be able to see other interpretations of this theme day here. So far my faves are Vrennis Vienna Daily Photo, Julie of Sydney Eye and this amazing pic from Jim at Sydney City.

Also, in exciting news, I’m featured on the city daily photo portal :) How exciting! Thanks Julie!

“Street photography”: literally

March 13, 2013  |  Buildings, Newcastle upon Tyne, People, Shopping  |  1 Comment

street photography

I took this photograph on Northumberland Street on Saturday. It was a cold, wet day. Strangely, I didn’t wait for the street to be clear; it just happened that way.

Bunting and cigarettes

March 6, 2013  |  Buildings, Newcastle upon Tyne, People  |  8 Comments


I don’t really remember what made me look up. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone at any of the high-up windows in Central Arcade before. Do people really live there? I can’t imagine smoking in that building, out of the window or not!

The bunting was for the Olympics. I miss it! Newcastle felt more colourful.

Autumn heatwave

September 30, 2011  |  Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, People  |  10 Comments


It was forecast to be 25 degrees in Newcastle yesterday. (Centigrade, not Farenheit, for any Americans out there.) I think it was probably that at least. I was boiling hot. I don’t think it’s been that hot all this year before today. I took J for a walk down to Jesmond Dene in the late afternoon. It-was-beautiful. Although pushing the pram back up the hill was pretty hard.

Some more pictures from today on flickr.

I’ve decided to do the next quiz starting on Monday – get your thinking caps out and ready!

A spectator sport?


I love the spectators almost as much as the runners :)

You can find a few short videos that I took of the runners on my youtube channel – including ‘oggy oggy oggy, oi oi oi!’ in one of the Central Motorway’s tunnels :) flickr also updated!

Blyth beach huts again

August 13, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, People, Station  |  4 Comments


Much more colourful in this shot, aren’t they?


May 23, 2009  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, People  |  2 Comments


Taken at Tynemouth over Easter weekend. Hopefully the weather will be good this weekend – if it is, I think these will be full…

Good to be back everyone!

The students are back

September 26, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne, People  |  6 Comments

busy path, Newcastle, UK

It’s not just the dodgy headgear that gives it away.  It’s the fact that even last week, I could walk into town along this path from Jesmond metro and see one or two other people at the most.  Today it was pretty busy.  It’ll probably get more so, while the students get to know Newcastle and go to all the events put on for them, before quietening down when they all start lectures.

The left hand side of the path is the cycle lane, which is why most people are on the right.