Quiz Day 2: Pet Cemetery and Bridge?


So everyone got it right: yesterday’s picture was of the Pet Cemetery…


… in Jesmond Dene.

I always assumed that the graves were really old. I was quite surprised when I got down to look at them the other day to find out that they seem to be from the 1970s. I can’t really find anything out about it online – anyone help? And some more pics are now on flickr.

Next question – again I think it’s fairly easy. Which bridge is this?


Autumn heatwave

September 30, 2011  |  Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne, People  |  10 Comments


It was forecast to be 25 degrees in Newcastle yesterday. (Centigrade, not Farenheit, for any Americans out there.) I think it was probably that at least. I was boiling hot. I don’t think it’s been that hot all this year before today. I took J for a walk down to Jesmond Dene in the late afternoon. It-was-beautiful. Although pushing the pram back up the hill was pretty hard.

Some more pictures from today on flickr.

I’ve decided to do the next quiz starting on Monday – get your thinking caps out and ready!