Arched windows

November 8, 2011  |  Grainger Town  |  4 Comments

From exactly the same position I was stood in yesterday I move lightly right and look up.  Its always good advice to look up when walking round any place as some of the most interesting views are above eye level.I love all the different styles of arches over all the windows.


Grey’s Monument Week: Emerson Chambers and Fenwicks

October 20, 2011  |  Grainger Town, Newcastle upon Tyne  |  10 Comments


A shot of Emerson Chambers from the top of Grey’s Monument is always going to be nicely different to those taken from the ground, but the shots I took at first just didn’t seem interesting enough. Then, I turned my camera at an angle, and hey presto – this Tenin-esque shot. I’m really pleased with it.

Grey’s Monument week – Nicholas and Grey


Looking roughly south towards the river. Grey Street is to the bottom left; you can see the beautiful curve. You can see one of the domes of Central Arcade (which, incidentally, was the subject of the first picture ever posted on this site (although the ‘green twiddly bit’ is just a twiddly bit here) and the spire of St Nicholas’ Cathedral. The Castle Keep is also visible to the left of the cathedral, but it’s hard to distinguish in black and white.

Two picture Tuesday – Monument windows

October 18, 2011  |  Grainger Town, Newcastle upon Tyne  |  16 Comments


As I mentioned in yesterday’s comments, there are slitted windows all the way up the tower. I’m glad they’ve now installed electric lighting (! – would have been horrible to climb without a bit more light) but it was nice to get regular glimpses of the view – and to have an excuse to stop!


It was really hard to choose which window view to go for! I chose this one because it’s a bit different to the shots from the top – a different height to both top and bottom and varied lighting.

This is the 1700th post. Less than a year to get to 2,000 :) Does someone want to work out what date that’ll be so we can plan the party now?!?

Grey’s Monument week – from below

October 17, 2011  |  Grainger Town, Newcastle upon Tyne  |  7 Comments


Welcome to the start of Monument Week! I went up Grey’s Monument last week after being on the waiting list for what seems like a very long time. It’s unlikely to be opened up again this year but if you want to go on the waiting list get in touch with Newcastle Tourist Information Office in the Central Arcade. I can vouch for the fact they’re very friendly and helpful! I was at the top of the waiting list (have been offered a place before but while I was pregnant which didn’t seem ideal) but ended up being offered a cancellation after faffing round too much originally :)

So this first shot was taken from the bottom. Wasn’t the sky amazing for a mid-October day? Also, I’ve never noticed the patterns on the underside before. Considering how much I tell people to look up, it’s shocking isn’t it?!

Theatre Royal


Detail of the Theatre Royal building. It’s recently reopened after being restored, and turns 175 in February next year!

Quiz Day 7: Green Twiddlies and Mosaic

October 9, 2011  |  Grainger Town, Newcastle upon Tyne  |  9 Comments


Alf was right (yay!); yesterday’s pic was of the green twiddly bit on the corner of Westgate Road and Clayton Street West.

And we’re on the last question! I’m torn – half of me hopes someone gets it; half of me hopes that I’ve finally defeated you all :)

Where would you find this?


Quiz Day 6 – Space Invader and Green Twiddly Bit


This space invader, as correctly stated by Doug and Matt, is on the corner of Pink Lane with Westgate Road. I sincerely hope no one cheated by looking here :)

The space invaders have been featured here more than I’d realised; even Chris posted quite a few (… in actual fact I think he’s found more than me).







I am about 95% sure that I’ve also posted the one on Blackett Street but I cannot find it – your challenge for the day, should you choose to accept it….! (It’s actually the one that’s the profile pic for the facebook group someone mentioned yesterday.)


We haven’t had any green twiddly bits for a while! Where is this one?

Two picture Sunday – Grey Street Garden

September 25, 2011  |  Grainger Town, Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne  |  5 Comments


I managed to miss Grey Street Garden for a long time as I was a bit busy round the time it was put in(!).


I’m so glad I’ve got to take some pics while it’s still there! Does anyone know how long it’s staying? I’m kind of hoping it’s going to be a permanent thing.

Detail of Yates Wine Lodge building


Beautiful building, previously featured here twice before: one and two. Very similar shots, two years apart, and I kinda said the same thing both times :)

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