Playing with pictures week: Cadbury sky


Playing with levels on this left me with this shot and this deliciously-coloured sky.

Playing with pictures week: Black and white

pitcher piano

This picture of the Pitcher and Piano was in colour to start with, but I think it’s more striking converted to black and white.

You can see the original on twitter here.

Rainbow bridge over dizzy river

Tenin-esque shot of the Millennium Bridge

It was really, really, really, REALLY cold last night. But I went out anyway to take photos for you lot. Self-sacrifice, eh?!

I think it was worth it!

This is a Tenin-esque shot – Tenin being the founder of Paris Daily Photo; and the inspiration behind the City Daily Photo community. Eric Tenin is known for taking photos at strange angles and from different levels and I’ve been playing with the technique again. I’m really happy with this shot. It might be technically better if I had a better camera, but I like it as it is, graininess and all.