An old building, a newer building and an apology

April 27, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne

fenwicks waterstones

Emerson Chambers – one of my favourite buildings in Newcastle. So ornate, and yet so few people seem to look up at it. Next to the Fenwicks building, which suffers from being right next to Emerson but it’s a nice building in its own right. Definitely photo-worthy.

I’m really sorry about the last ten days or so. These days I’m OK as long as I keep a couple of days ahead of myself but if I get behind I really struggle to catch up. There will be news soon about something that will help with that! But I just need to get a few more ducks lined up first :)

Oh, and letting my toddler get his fingers all over my camera lens really didn’t help. All the pics I took for about a week were awful :(

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  1. I have always loved those two buildings especially Emerson Chambers which has the added attraction of a book shop.

    Don’t apologise it is your site do what you want with it. As for toddlers, been there, done that and you should see what they did to the t-shirt.

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