Wayback when there was a brewery (just)….

March 29, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne

brewery 3

Back when Newcastle really was the Home of Newcastle Brown Ale. It’s been a while….

Remember the brewery buildings?

Someone a while back asked me to post occasional old pictures of Newcastle. I had completely forgotten about these pictures (I can’t even easily access the original files, I saved this from the blog post on watching geordie life where I originally posted it… you can see it (and a couple of others) here) but something made me remember it.

I miss the old brewery buildings. Might pop down in the next few days and get a picture of what’s there now. It looks a bit different….

Also have a look at timmonet.co.uk – this post brings the nostalgia pretty hard!

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  1. I thing I remember most about the brewery is the distinctive smell on brew day. Surprisingly in my younger days they didn’t brew every day but you could certainly tell when they were.

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