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Happy Easter!

March 31, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  2 Comments


The daffodils are almost in flower. It may be cold but spring is finally on its way.

Happy Easter everyone!

Blue skies are coming….

March 30, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  2 Comments

central arcade

Central Arcade is as gorgeous as ever. And is that a blue sky behind the glass? Maybe spring really is on its way….

Wayback when there was a brewery (just)….

March 29, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

brewery 3

Back when Newcastle really was the Home of Newcastle Brown Ale. It’s been a while….

Remember the brewery buildings?

Someone a while back asked me to post occasional old pictures of Newcastle. I had completely forgotten about these pictures (I can’t even easily access the original files, I saved this from the blog post on watching geordie life where I originally posted it… you can see it (and a couple of others) here) but something made me remember it.

I miss the old brewery buildings. Might pop down in the next few days and get a picture of what’s there now. It looks a bit different….

Also have a look at – this post brings the nostalgia pretty hard!

Church behind wintry trees

March 28, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

st andrews

This shot was taken a couple of weeks ago no. No trace of new growth to be seen on these trees. Spring must come soon…. I hope…?

No parking

March 27, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

no parking

A stark warning in Jesmond. Although who knows what happens if you don’t listen?

Many apologies for the break in posting. I had a work deadline for a qualification I needed to complete and by the time I finished I’d pretty much made myself ill. Which is a particular shame as all the pictures for the last week were set up and ready to post. Oh well… at least they’re there now.

Night stop

March 26, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

night bus stop

I’ve not experimented with night photography in a good long time. It took a while and a few attempts to get this to look how it was in my head. What do you think?

When will spring be sprung?

March 25, 2013  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  No Comments


Winter has lasted approximately five years. I ordered a spring, can it be delivered soon please?? The crocuses obviously think it should’ve started by now….

Playing with pictures week: the vampire rabbit

March 24, 2013  |  Buildings, Newcastle upon Tyne, Public Art  |  3 Comments

rabbit copy

I love the vampire rabbit but I hate the weird red-pink colour of the building and doorway. Sorted!

Playing with pictures week: cafe chairs


I managed to miss the March theme day, cafe chairs, but this black&white pic would have fitted in nicely.

Playing with pictures week: St Nicholas’ clock

March 22, 2013  |  Buildings, Churches, Newcastle upon Tyne  |  No Comments


This is the clock on the tower of the Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, with the colour removed from the rest of the picture (and at a very Tenin-esque angle, as apparently I can’t help myself). Do love this clock! What do you think?