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Reflection shot

December 31, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  8 Comments


After all the reflection shots this year, it seemed right to end on one! I stopped to take this while going down the steps into Monument metro.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve!


December 30, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments


A snowy street in Wallsend, just before Christmas.


December 29, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments


I love the contrast of colours in this pictures. Taken on Nelson Street.

Sage and Tyne Bridge

December 28, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments


The Sage and the Tyne Bridge. Taken before sunrise on the winter solstice, from next to the Castle Keep.

Another snowy postbox!

December 27, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment


Another snowy postbox. This one is on Grey Street. I like the way the snow highlights the detail of the ‘ER’ (Elizabeth Regina, or the Queen) towards the bottom.

Reflected sunshine on Clayton Street

December 26, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment


Hope you all enjoyed Christmas Day and you’re relaxing today :)

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments


Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas. I hope Santa brings all you want.

Santa’s coming!

December 24, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  6 Comments


This lego Santa is in the window of Fenwicks.

Enjoy Christmas Eve!

Christmas lights in the daytime

December 23, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  3 Comments


I took this on Monday. Don’t they look amazing against a beautiful blue sky?

And a bonus Earl Grey and green twiddly bits in the background, just for all of you :)


December 22, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  5 Comments


We had the discussion a while back about whether the correct word was ‘roofs’ or ‘rooves’. I can confirm that having dug out my Chambers Dictionary (ninth edition for those who care about these things!) that the correct word is ‘roofs’.

Anyway, I took this not long before sunrise yesterday, the shortest day. I love looking down at the roofs from the Tyne Bridge.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics as good as last year‘s, but there are a couple of nice ones. Another one soon.