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Theatre Royal

November 30, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  3 Comments


A snowy Theatre Royal against a beautiful pink sky. One of those moments I’m really glad I captured.

For those on facebook, I’ve been posting updates on bus services in this bad weather and any other useful information I find out on the Newcastle Daily Photo fan page – if you’re on facebook and want to know when buses are being withdrawn (Arriva and Go North East have been withdrawing services from around 7pm the last few nights) or that North Tyneside and Newcastle Councils have been withdrawing rubbish collections so they can set their staff to clearing snow, then why not become a fan? I’ve also been sharing more snowy pics, as have other people. It’s lovely to see pictures other than my own!

Continental Market – Dutch Pancakes

November 29, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments


Alf was kind enough to tell me in the comments about the Continental Market that’s currently on at Monument, and I made it there on Saturday. There’s quite a variety of stalls; food, jewellery, toiletries, scarves and hats, biscuits and nougat… even ostrich burgers! I really liked the look of this stall though – dutch pancakes and mulled wine; what else could you want on a cold winter’s day?!

The market is still on until Saturday so you still have time to make it down :)

Two picture Sunday – Fenwicks Christmas Window

November 28, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  6 Comments


The Fenwicks Christmas window has been up for nearly a month now, so it’s about time I got round to putting up some pics!

It’s very traditional this year – in previous years people have complained that it had nothing to do with Christmas at all, so I think these days they try and make sure it’s more obviously Christmassy.


This one taken yesterday evening after dark. It’s really quite magical :)

And – Happy Birthday to my dad :)

Christmas light video

November 27, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments

Something a little different today! I really like the Christmas lights on Grainger Street; I think they’re the best of the lights in Newcastle. And Mrs K, who comments here a lot, said that she can’t make it in to Newcastle to look at the lights; and I know lots of my readers don’t live in Newcastle any more. So here for your viewing pleasure is a little video of the lights on the crossroads of Grainger Street, the Bigg Market and Newgate Street :) (Hopefully it also makes up a little for posting being a little sporadic round here recently….)

What do you think? Would you like to see more videos? If so, what of?

Wallsend reflection

November 26, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment


Another reflection shot, this time of a building in Wallsend.


November 25, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment


This pic was taken on the winter solstice 2009.

Eldon Square Christmas

November 24, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  10 Comments


The Eldon Square Christmas lights. I had to snap this quickly before the security guards came and threw me out :)

Monument Mall Christmas decorations

November 23, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment


The Christmas decorations at the entrance to Monument Mall on Northumberland Street.

Civic Centre by night

November 22, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  No Comments


The Civic Centre after dark. The roads visible across the front are the Central Motorway crossing Sandyford Road.

Two picture Sunday – Spot the Angel

November 21, 2010  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  3 Comments


I took this in Elswick at the same time as I took the picture of the flats that are being refurbished that I took the other week. I had completely forgotten that you can see the Angel from up that way.


For anyone who couldn’t see it in the first pic, here it is a little bigger. But still not much.

I’d still love to be able to see it from my house. Even this teeny tiny :)