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Dinsdale Place

June 30, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  7 Comments

Dinsdale Place retry, newcastle, uk

Dinsdale Place off of Shields Rd is covered in these paintings. I think this one is the Byker Bridge, just down the road from this road!


June 29, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments

Sorry guys, I know I haven’t posted in two days, but I will get that sorted out soon.

What kinds of things would you like to see more of?

1914 – 43rd BN Royal Tank Regt 1939-1945

June 25, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

Royal Tank Regt, newcastle, uk

Anyone know where to find more information about this? It’s outside the church for St. Thomas the Martyr.

Do Justice At The Gate

June 24, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  2 Comments

Do Justice At The Gate, newcastle, uk

These are the front gates for the church of St Thomas The Martyr in Haymarket. For more info:

Northumberland Road

June 23, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  2 Comments

Northumberland Road, newcastle, uk

Did you know there’s more than one road named Northumberland? This one’s in Benton. Know of any more?

Sail Bridge

June 22, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

sail bridge, newcastle, uk

The sail bridge featured in the roundabout post a couple of days ago is where this was taken. The green dots lead to a green Northumberland University in the middle and then back to green dots. In the winter, this bridge is kinda slippery with frost very early in the morning.


June 21, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  3 Comments

post, newcastle, uk

This little bit of the city centre is under construction. I wonder what they’ll have done to it!

Man with Potential Selves

June 20, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  7 Comments

Man with Potential Selves, newcastle, uk

Yesterday was the 29th birthday of my bestest friend, seen here with the standing man of the three-man scupture Man with Potential Selves.

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Man with Potential Selves – Sean Henry 2003
Location – Lower Grainger Street
Materials – Coloured Bronze
Commissioned by – GTP in co-operation with
Sculpture at Goodwood
Sean Henry is one of the UK’s leading figurative
sculptors working today. The piece comprises
three views of the same man. One stands, one
walks and one apparently floats, horizontally, above the ground. Each figure is 2.5m tall. The work is one of a series of bronze works in the area along with Cardinal Hume, Stephenson’s monument and Queen Victoria in front of the Cathedral.


June 19, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  2 Comments

roses, newcastle, uk

There are some lovely roses growing at the end of my street, I just have to share them with you guys!

chalk road

June 18, 2008  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

chalk road, newcastle, uk

Just a couple of alley’s north of the Pilgrim Street Roundabout is this little alley that has been lovingly decorated with chalk. Every so often it gets wiped clean and then the messages and drawings creep back up onto the walls.