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December 27, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

Sorry, guys, I’ve left my camera at a friends’ house… i’ll get some more pictures up as soon as I can!

Happy Christmas!

December 25, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  6 Comments

tree, newcastle, uk

This is my tree!

Happy Christmas everybody!

St. James metro

December 24, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  No Comments

stjames, newcastle,  uk

You mean this one, c? :)

Happy Christmas eve, everbody!

Newcastle United

December 23, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  5 Comments

nufc! newcastle, uk

Go Newcastle! v. Derby County at 2p!

Toon Sarnie

December 22, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  1 Comment

toon sarnie, newcastle, uk

I can’t get the crane yet, B, sorry. Instead, I give you the Toon Sarnie in Shieldfield, in hopes of bringing luck to NUFC for tomorrow’s match.

Lego Santa

December 21, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  2 Comments

legosanta, newcastle, uk

A santa made from LEGO’s is at the side of the Fenwick windows. I tried looking up info about who made him and stuff, but was unlucky in my search. Anyone know? I think he may just be a marketing ploy.

I’ll get that crane up tomorrow, B!


December 20, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  4 Comments

building, newcastle, uk

I have no idea how this building stays up there like that. doesn’t seem like too stable of a foundation if you ask me…

And it really is a holiday picture because just to the left of this (literally, right out of the frame) is a christmas tree that the construction people have put up on top of their office. And bonus!: they have put lights on the crane and it’s soooo tall that you can see it standing out in the dark!

Paris, Texas

December 19, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  3 Comments

paris texas, newcastle, UK

Some friends and I went out to Paris, Texas last night. It’s a restaurant near the Civic Center, across from the City Baths. Nice, quaint, place. We didn’t have a reservation and with six of us they seemed a little peeved, but sat us anyway. It was so pretty inside I just had to share!


December 18, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  5 Comments

benches, newcastle, uk

Chris has posted these a few times i think. they’re outside the Laing art gallery (free admission!) and look like they’ve been peeled out of the ground. not christmasssy, but then again, i’m tipsy but i want to post something for you guys. Sorry about this.

Speaking of him, anyone heard anything from him? is he ever coming back?

Ice thingy

December 17, 2007  |  Newcastle upon Tyne  |  6 Comments

ice sculpture, newcastle, UK

This is in the middle of Eldon.

I’ve run out of pictures to post! What would you guys like to see here? I’ve been trying to post all christmas pictures in december, which means most of these are in the city centre… Give me some ideas…

What about after december? What other things would you guys like to see?

Are all me peekatures awfuals?? Hmm? I’m sorry about 99% of them being blurry. I’m working on taking better pictures.